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Your interests is our priority. Mutual growth, common goals, and shared profits,

this is what we strive for in our partnerships. There is no cost to you when

partnering with us, we will invest first then do the rest ourselves.

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What will we provide you?


Inventory Management

We buy your products directly from you upfront and consider it our responsibility to make sure they sell. That means money in your pocket right away.

Multi-Channel Marketing

We support your products with custom, high-quality listings and dedicated brand storefronts designed to connect with customers and drive sales.

Nationwide Fulfillment Across Multiple Countries

We deliver your products to customers in 1-2 business days, free of charge, thanks to our strategically placed warehouses.

Customer Service

We support your customers 24/7 with high-quality customer service. Our friendly in-house team of 70+ product experts loves to answer questions and provide immediate solutions.

Consider us a branch of your company that handles e-commerce matters. Our team will provide all you need to make an impact on the e-commerce market in southeast Asia.

Our step-by-step operations

Getting your products up and running is our top priority. Our team has streamlined the process to make it as efficient as possible. From the products leaving your hands to your products reaching our customers, we have got it handled.

Step 1

Stocking Inventory

After reaching an agreeable bulk purchasing price and quantity, we will stock our warehouse with your products

Step 3

Fulfillment Options

We will select the fastest and most efficient courier service so we can provide next day delivery throughout Malaysia and 1 week delivery throughout southeast Asia.

Step 2

Listing Your Products

We will list your product on our online stores on various online shopping platforms. Our team will continue to review and optimise your products as we progress.

Step 4

Online Support

Online support for both customers and you will be set up for any queries or requests for information about our operations.